images-2-2-2Smartphones are the most rapidly adopted technology in the United States of all-time.  Smartphones – including the Apple iPhone and Google Android phones – have been adopted faster than radio, television and even the internet.  Today more than 60% of all Americans have a smartphone.  Having a mobile strategy is critically important for any company – it does not matter if you are a start-up or a multinational corporation.  You really need to know:

  • What is a mobile strategy and how do you develop one?
  • How do you find an app development company or app developer that is right for you?
  • What is the difference between a mobile app development and mobile web development?
  • What should you look for in a mobile app development company or a mobile app developer?
  • What is the typical development time for app development or mobile app development?
  • Mobile app? Mobile web?  What is the difference?
  • Google Android vs.  Apple iOS – What is the difference?  What are the advantage and disadvantage?
  • Is developing for a tablet or iPad different than developing for a phone?

We have created this site to help answer these questions and more.

The technology and best practices continually change so it is important to have a partner that keeps up on the leading edge of mobile technology.

Creating apps and software for mobile devices and smartphones is very different than traditional web development.  Screen size, user interface, graphics, resolution, operating systems and nearly everything else is different on a smartphone.  It is not effective to just smash down a website to fit on a smaller screen.

Almost everything is different when it comes to working with smartphones and tablets –  including how you reach customers and how customers interact with the device, app and software. Standard non-targeted advertising, broadcasting, and publicity are not effective in a mobile environment. Each market, company and product is different and in order to achieve positive results with mobile marketing, you must focus on the end-user. One of the primary advantages of mobile is the ability to determine location and track results – you can see what is working where and adjust your marketing in real-time in order to optimize results.

Choosing a company to help with your mobile strategy, mobile development or mobile marketing is critically important   We invite you to explore this website for details on how to to make the right selection for you and your company.

This site was created by Engage Mobile Solutions.  Engage Mobile is not like any other mobile company in the country.  The management team has been developing mobile products for a decade and has developed a unique mobile app strategy, development and marketing process that is completely focused on helping clients achieve their goals. You can check out the company at EngageMobile.com.


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