Selecting a Mobile Development Vendor

Selecting the right mobile vendor is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your approach to your mobile app or mobile website.  You must find one that can help you achieve your goals – both on time and on budget.

Consider these things when selecting a mobile vendor or partner:

Experience – Experience is probably one of the most important factors in choosing a mobile development partner.  Mobile development is highly specialized. Consider issues like how long the team has been developing mobile apps, what types of mobile apps they have done in the past and what the team’s background looks like.

Focus on Mobile – Not a Web Development Company that can do Mobile – Over the last couple of years, mobile has become a very “hot” industry.  The result is that every web developer and web development company now claims to do mobile.  The field is changing too rapidly to choose a partner that is not focused on mobile fulltime.

References – Always remember to check references and look at testimonials.  If the vendor says they can do it, make them prove it.  It is not enough for a company to say that they have been successful developing mobile apps – they need to have the experience and references to back it up.

Trust – The bottom line is that you need to find a partner you can trust.  Look at the potential partner’s previous projects and talk to references.  Take time to meet the mobile developer in person before making a commitment.

Price/Cost – While price should be a factor in your decision-making process, remember that you generally get what you pay for.  It does not matter how cheap a company’s bid is if the vendor cannot perform.  A low hourly rate actually cost you more in the long run if it takes 3 times longer to get things done.  Focus on finding a partner that can help you achieve your goals, then start looking at cost.  Cost is important, but keep in mind that ultimately you want results.

Selecting the right vendor is an incredibly important decision.  Make sure you spend the time to do it right.

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